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To the left, you will find the list of all available items, and you may also search for an item based on a specific category. Don’t miss out on all the Parent Parties, Teacher Treasures and other wonderful Experiences offered for you and your children in this year’s auction!  Take advantage of early bidding to ensure you win the items that interest you most as some items have limited availability!

All auction proceeds benefit the Professional Development Endowment for our teachers…what a fun and rewarding way to support such a wonderful cause! 


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Why raise money for teacher professional development?

“MSR has amazing professional development for teachers.  I’ve worked at other schools where the chances for teachers to go to workshops and conferences were rare and far between. When an opportunity was available, it was only for the ‘higher ups’.  Here at MSR, all of the teachers and assistants get to go.  It’s how we stay inspired.  And, sometimes it means we get to go to Philadelphia for a few days and come back totally on fire to be with these kids and give them the best that we can everyday.  You know, the funniest thing is that I actually miss being here with the kids in our routine when I’m away.  But these professional development opportunities really mean a lot to us.  It’s the reason teachers at MSR never leave to go teach at some other school.  This is an insight that Nancy Errichetti really brought into laser focus when she came.  And, maybe it’s a deciding factor in what makes MSR as amazing as it is today.”

-MSR Teacher who wishes to remain anonymous but has been a Montessori Teacher with amazing passion, joy, and creativity for over 20 years